HELLO 2019!

Excuse me but I am BACK! Life has been suitably hectic, I’ve moved house, had books nominated for the Carnegie Medal, shortlisted for the YA book prize and written for Holby City. My children have left home, my poor old cat, Noko has died, but I am still writing, this year marks my twenty fifth (I know!) year as a published writer. And there have been two, (TWO) new books last year, FREEDOM, from Scholastic, which has been nominated for the Carnegie Medal, and RACE TO THE FROZEN NORTH from the ever lovely Barrington Stoke.

I am currently working on two spectacular projects, both total dreams come true. The first is in a brand new medium for me, I am working on a computer game and it has been so much fun! Can’t say any more than that, but the art and the world are amazing.

Secondly, I have hit writing gold with a job that could not be bettered – I am lead writer on an adaptation of Miranda Kaufmann’s book BLACK TUDORS for Silverprint Pictures (Shetland, Vera, Jericho). We’re hammering a thrilling drama out of impeccably researched source material that will give viewers a view of London and our history that is fresh and compelling. Clearly we’ve mountains to climb before anything happens, but you would not believe the joy this is bringing me right now. http://www.mirandakaufmann.com/black-tudors.html

I have to thank the lovely folk at https://www.letterboxlibrary.com/ who do a sterling job selling my books – if you want to buy anywhere spend your money with them, they are seriously the best booksellers in Britain!

Next year holds lots of surprises and new beginnings. I can’t tell you about all of them, but there will be more books eventually and perhaps some work in other mediums as well. I’ve been to Brussels this year with Speaking Volumes and have two books to finish, one of which is my first adult novel. I also have work in Margaret Busby’s seminal DAUGHTERS OF AFRICA anthology, out in March.

In the meantime enjoy this drawing of me spouting on about Black British History at last years SCWBI conference by the wonderfully talented Imogen Foxell.

I am still talking and writing about Black British history and if you’d like me to visit your school or college get in touch. Look forward to meeting you in 2019….